Form 990-EZ

Nonprofits with annual revenue of more than or equal to $200,000 and
total assets of more than or equal to $500,000 may file Form 990-EZ.

Form 990-EZ
Also known as the Short Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, is the return of tax-exempt organizations with annual revenue of $200,000 or less and less than $500,000 in assets. Note that if your nonprofit's annual revenue meets this criteria but your asset valuation is more than $500,000, you are required to file Form 990.
Form 990-EZ reports information about the tax exempt organization's revenue and expenses, activities, names of trustees and officers, board members, compensation details, and details of donors
File Form 990-EZ by the 15th day of the 5th month after your accounting period ends.
If your nonprofit's fiscal year ends on the calendar year, which means the tax year ends on December 31, the due date is May 15th.
Failure to File
If your nonprofit fails to file its Form 990-EZ on time, or files but with erroneous information, it may incur fines. Smaller nonprofits could be charged $20 for each day delinquent with the maximum penalty not exceeding $10,500 or 5% of gross revenue for that tax year.
For larger nonprofits with gross revenue exceeding $1,067,000 for that tax year, the fine is $105 per day with a maximum of $53,000.

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