Nonprofit Accounting Service

If you are looking for reliable and professional nonprofit accounting services, look no further! We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations. We offer tailored nonprofit accounting services to give your organization tools to make better financial decisions and improve efficiency.

We understand the important role accounting plays in your decision making and ultimate success of your organization.

We will help track your income as well as your expenses and ensure that you maintain statutory compliance.

What you can expect.

  • Your income statement to give you clear information on your profit and loss.
  • A balance sheet to show your financial standing at any time period.
  • A cash flow statement to trace cash generated and spent during a specific time period.


We provide a reliable system of recording of the financial statement for your organization.

Bookkeeping is often confused with accounting and understandably so given that bookkeeping and accounting both deal with financial data. While accounting deals with the analysis of financial transactions, financial statements and business reports, bookkeeping involves recording of financial transactions. Bookkeeping is a subset of accounting. Unfortunately smaller companies, especially startups often overlook the importance of keeping records of every transaction. Our bookkeeping services includes recording of your company’s daily financial transactions and summarizing financial data in financial reports.

What you can expect.

  • a reliable measure of your performance, provide you information on general strategic decisions and benchmark for your revenue goals.
  • Help your organization fulfill its tax obligations.
  • Ensure that you remain in compliance as proper bookkeeping is required by law.


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